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The next episode of This Feels Terrible: The Podcast drops Thursday! In the meantime, here is the opening video for This Feels Terrible: The LIVE show at UCB. Directed by Andy DeYoung. “Written” by Erin McGathy. Featuring Erin McGathy and Megan Ganz.



The New Fiend is a collaboration between myself and Colin Smith ( Issue 1 is complete. Check it out at 

Good stuff coming out of Portland.

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This living alone out in the avenues business is a weird thing.  It’s isolated out here.  Been waking up from bad dreams, finding myself staring at such things as Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara’s imdb pages until dawn, then getting in another hour or two of sleep before another shift.  An endless, silent train home and then doing it over again.  “Levy is the only actor who has starred in all eight Pie films, both theatrically released and straight-to-DVD.” 

My submission for the Summer Mix Series 2012:


In honor of surviving my first year here in SF I thought I’d pay homage to the place where I got my start: Boston. While this is by no means an exhaustive guide to the history of the Boston music scene I hope that it at least serves as a sampling of my own experiences and as an audio valentine to the city that still holds a special place in this girl’s heart.


1. My Baby Love Love Loves Me - Jonathan Richman

2. Spin the Bottle - The Juliana Hatfield Three

3. Amsterdam - Guster

4. I Don’t Pray, You Don’t Bet - Avi Jacob

5. Kitchen (Demo Version) - The Lemonheads

6. Good Day - The Dresden Dolls

7. Here Comes Your Man - The Pixies

8. Drivin’ on 9 - The Breeders

9. Falling In Love with the Wolfboy - The Magnetic Fields

10. Awake or Asleep - Greg Mullen

11. Just Like Heaven - Dinosaur Jr.

12. This Is Not a Photograph - Mission of Burma

13. Rosie - Debbie and the Bullets


The Fluxblog 2003 Survey Mix is up! 140 incredible songs from what I think is one of the very best years for pop music since the 60s.